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Crowded Kitchen Players presents its 99th theatrical production, The Spectre of Death, a new comedy by Charlie Barnett, author of the critically acclaimed "Twelveness".

The play is directed by veteran director and performer Rody Gilkeson, most recently managing and artistic director of Pennsylvania Playhouse.

"The Spectre of Death" will be performed September 22 through October 1 at Between the Lines Studio Theatre in Allentown, PA.

"The Spectre Of Death" is centered around Craig “Spec” Czury, the putative leader of a 1990’s death metal band , The Crypt, that has aged out of relevance. 

Spec and his bandmates are all sixty years old and living diminished lives in suburban Las Vegas. The only reason they can still perform is that their Kiss-like make up and costumes obscure their otherwise apparent physical--- and musical--- decline.

The problem is they simply have no more shows to play.  The music world has passed them by. 

And since the death of their bandmate, Stevie Skulls, the band’s leader, Spec Czury has lost the will to look for work and is living off the royalties of the band’s # 10 hit from 1998, We Are Gonna Rock You To Death.  

His bandmates, Styx, Roger and his manager, Rory are in a similar place of mourning and lassitude.  

Spec keeps himself adrift in alcohol and one night stands.  When one of his one-night stands, Delilah,  stays longer than expected, Spec and his assistant , Cassie, receive a letter from a person claiming to be Spec’s daughter.   

Spec wants no part of this. But Cassie, thinking that this might be a spiritual opportunity for the emotionally stunted  Spec, responds to the letter and surreptitiously invites Ricki Roberts, Specs daughter, to visit. 

Spec is suddenly thrust into a new world of important entanglements, one with the ever surprising Delilah, and one with his new twenty year old biological daughter. 

All this collides with a rare offer of a gig that could launch the band back into prominence.

The cast includes several long-time Lehigh Valley favorites, including Mike Daniels, as Craig "Spec" Czury; Micah Henning, as Joey "Styx" Panuchio; Donna White, as  Cassie Spencer; Jerry Brucker, playing Rory MacManus; Elizabeth Marsh-Gilkeson, in the role of Delilah Jacobs; Matt Redline, as Roger Hanrahan; Alana Weirbach, as Ricki Roberts; Dawn Daignault, playing Pam Roberts; Peter McKeon, in the roles of Austin Smith/ EMT #1; and the great Bruce Brown, as Dave/EMT #2/ Emcee.

The Spectre of Death will be performed September 22, 23, 29, 30 at 730PM, and September 24 and October 1 at 200PM.

All tickets are $20.

Between the Lines Studio Theatre is located at 723 N. 15th St, Allentown, PA 18102.  Parking is free in the lot across the alley from the theatre.

Please call 610-704-6974 or click on Buy Tickets on the Main Menu.