Crowded Kitchen Playerswill hold auditions for its original melodrama, "Dogcatcher" January 14 and 15 at 700PM in the Kitchen, 1680 Minesite Road, Allentown, PA. 

"Dogcatcher" will be presented June 5 through June 14 at The IceHouse in Bethlehem, PA

"Dogcatcher" is the story of a wildly popular and successful small-town high school football coach who also happens to be black in a community awash in white folks.

All the love and good will he's been extended over the years is abruptly threatened when he announces his intention to run for public office in the town's upcoming election.

Needed are eight men and eight women of adult years and that come in all sizes, shapes, races, ethnicities, politics, and personal preferences.

The play is the latest production in the on-going series Voices of Conscience: Toward Racial Understanding that was created by Crowded Kitchen Players and several other regional theater companies in 2015.

Earlier productions in the series included 'The Fall of Heaven' and the critically acclaimed 'A Softening of Her Eyes'

Rehearsals for 'Dogcatcher' will begin in late March in Allentown, PA.

For additional information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 610-395-7176, or visit