"Noelle" is set at a Christmas Eve party in the home of an elderly grandmother, NoWhitlock, who is in mental and physical free-fall.

After she displays a series of potentially serious lapses, Noelle's concerned, but generally dysfunctional family insists that she can no longer remain in her home.

Subsequently, a string of relatives and oddball friends, including a deeply frustrated son, a lascivious pastor, a well-meaning neighbor, a larcenous ex-daughter in law, and a devoted county caseworker, alternately counsels and pressures Noelle to accept their good, but unwelcome intentions for her.

After she is gruffly tested for incompetence, and failed, by an intoxicated doctor, Noelle desperately wishes for someone, anyone, to rescue her from the family’s dictates.

And, as if by divine intervention, a charming but uninvited guest appears at her door and presents Noelle with an alternative both to her own desire to remain independent and to the family’s insistence that she move into assisted living.

“Noelle” is a comedy with adult language and situations. It is not based on any known person or circumstances. It is meant purely as a thought-provoking entertainment.

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