Little Adam Shane greatly enjoys late afternoons on school days when his Uncle Henry takes him to movies and diners and regales him with fabulous stories until his Mother, Naomi, gets home from work.
But their idyllic hours together are shattered when a man unknown to any of them begins following them wherever they go and furtively watching everything they do.
And when that man approaches Adam one afternoon, while Uncle Henry is momentarily distracted, and tries to persuade Adam to walk off with him, and when authorities are notified but find themselves powerless, under the law, to intervene, Uncle Henry grimly realizes he must act on their own behalf.
But how?
Unspeakable describes a system that often finds itself feeling inadequate to help the very individuals it has been created to serve.
It describes a society  that often finds itself complicit in the endangerment of its most fragile members, through a failure to participate actively in their protection and through an almost willful ignorance of the many ways in which it could help prevent tragedies of many shapes and kinds from ever occurring.
Unspeakable has been created  through years of interviews and collaboration with dedicated and caring child welfare and law enforcement professionals who themselves often share in these feelings of helplessness.
Our purpose? To encourage widespread involvement in the protection of children.
It takes only the slightest disregard to endanger a child.
But, it takes constant effort, fearless accountability, and tireless vigilance to protect them.