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Synopsis of 'The Suicide Club'

Adelaide Whitlock and Alfred Ogilvy, a rich and frivolous married couple in 1860s Victorian London, find their lives deeply changed by Adelaide's year long struggle to survive cancer. While Alfred still occupies himself with playing the horses and frequenting music halls, Adelaide has lost her joie de vivre along with her devil-may-care spirit.

When they encounter a young heiress who has squandered nearly her entire fortune, leaving only the amount needed to join a secret club that promises to end the misery of its members without the stigma of having done it themselves, Adelaide and Alfred fatefully decide it might be diverting to disguise themselves and feign interest in signing on for the club's services.

Although Alfred enters into their charade with only a passing interest in the reasons for which Club's members have signed on, he soon comes to realize the very real depths of their suffering, the insidious nature of the Club's mission and, most shocking to him, his wife's real and serious interest in seeking the Club's services for herself.